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Why should customers consider adding calamari to their menus?

  • Calamari is easily prepared, with an average cook time for calamari is 45-90 seconds.
  • Calamari is the #1 seafood appetizer on menus across the United States.
  • The average sell price for calamari is $8.95-$12.95.
  • Calamari is a high-margin item because of its low food cost (about 18-23%).
  • Calamari has been a popular and “trendy” appetizer since 1996, continuing to withstand ever-changing food trends.

How does the Town Dock clean squid?

The Town Dock cleans all squid by hand. As a best-in-class calamari supplier, we feel it is essential to clean by hand to provide our customers with the high-quality end product they’ve come to expect from the Town Dock.

What is the difference between traditionally cleaned & fully cleaned?

  • In the squid industry, we generally talk about cleaned squid as falling into two categories: “traditionally cleaned” and “fully cleaned”. The head, guts, skin, and “quill” (the backbone) of the squid are removed in both traditionally cleaned and fully cleaned squid. “Traditionally cleaned” squid means that though the head, guts, and quill are all removed from the squid, that the “wings” (or “fins”) of the squid have not been removed. “Fully cleaned” squid means that the squid’s wings have been removed in addition to its head, guts, and quill. Once a squid is fully cleaned, all that remains are its tentacles and its tube (or calamari rings that the tube has been cut into).
  • You can learn more on our Fully vs. Traditionally Cleaned page.

How does a chef create calamari rings?

Calamari rings are created from the tube of the squid. Simply lay the tube flat, horizontally, and make vertical slices along the tube at your choice of thickness.

Is calamari a sustainable seafood item?

Squid are a very abundant fishery, with most species actively managed on a quota system. This system is in place to ensure the health of fish stocks and maintain strong biomass, keeping them from being over-harvested. Most squid live about one year and one female squid can lay up to 180,000 eggs.

How can I prepare calamari?

Calamari is an extremely versatile protein that can be prepared in almost anyway. While the most traditional preparation method for calamari is frying, many restaurants and home chefs love to sauté, broil, stuff, or bake their calamari. Popular seasoning choices include: tartar sauce, marinara sauce, hot pepper rings, a lemon wedge, parmesan cheese, salt & pepper, and a garlic aioli.

Do you have any recipes?

Yes! Please visit our recipes page to see all of our delicious serving suggestions. For even more recipes, see some of our favorites at

What are the nutritional benefits of calamari?

Calamari is a really great protein option that can be added to salads, pasta and other grains, or seasoned and eaten on its own.