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Local Fishermen

Our Success Starts with our Local Fishermen

We thank our local fishermen for their contributions to the success of our organization.

For decades, the Town Dock family has made it our mission to supply only the best seafood the ocean has to offer, and we know this would not be possible without the help of our fishermen.

As the largest purchaser of squid on the East Coast, we are proud to provide our local fishermen with a strong market presence that they can count on – placing high-demand items like fluke, sea bass, and scup in markets around the country.

We are committed to always providing a competitive price with our “pay the next day” policy, and a supportive relationship.

We provide full service amenities to help make unloading easy and efficient for our partner fishermen and their crews. Our full service amenities include:

  • Extended Unloading Services 7 days/week
  • Ice
  • Fuel Access
  • Fish Pumping Available
  • Scallop Unloading
  • Bait
More Information
Contact Mike Roderick, Director of Purchasing and Fresh Sales
Phone: (401) 789-2200 x133
Rhode Island Seafood Marketing Collaborative

Town Dock is a proud supporter of the Rhode Island Seafood Marketing Collaborative. Established in 2011 by the Rhode Island General Assembly, the RI Seafood Collaborative has been charged with supporting local fishermen and businesses by increasing awareness and consumption of species fished locally here in Rhode Island.

One initiative a small subcommittee of the Collaborative is currently tackling is to create a brand for all locally fished Rhode Island seafood. Town Dock – and, in particular, Town Dock’s Vice President Ryan Clark – has joined forces with other local seafood wholesalers, fishers, processors and distributors to help develop a “Certified Rhode Island Seafood” seal that can be applied to all qualifying local seafood. Once complete, this seal can be applied to Rhode Island seafood products to visually signify to customers that they are buying local.

We’re looking forward to playing an increasing role in the Collaborative as we continue to develop new initiatives. To find out more about their mission and other efforts, visit Stop by the Marketplace to find markets & restaurants with Rhode Island seafood.

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