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“I would definitely recommend Town Dock to prospective customers. Town Dock opened up all of their products to us when we had just started in August 2001, and they’ve been a great partner ever since. Town Dock has fantastic customer service and has handled all of our needs over the past 12 years. We will happily continue to buy both squid and fresh fish from the Town Dock.”

Sean J. O’Scannlain

NFI (Chair, 2014), Fortune Fish & Gourmet Bensenville, IL

“Siena Restaurant Group prides itself on using the best quality products available to provide an unparalleled dining experience to all of our patrons. We specify a Todarodes species calamari that fits well into our price/value mix. We recently had problems with our product/supplier and reached out to Town Dock for an alternative product.

Town Dock provided a great alternative product, which we feel is superior to anything else in the marketplace. In addition, we wanted to support a local company to supply Siena with its raw product.
Siena uses over 300 lbs. of squid per week and since we switched to the Town Dock product we have experienced tremendous consistency, fantastic quality and a very reasonable price. I enthusiastically recommend the Town Dock’s products to any serious restaurateur or chef.”

Anthony Tarro

Siena Restaurant Group Providence, RI

“Town Dock has been a great fit for us. They have been accommodating, good at working with us and informative from the first phone call. Our representative is friendly and personable, and she always checks in to make sure that we have the product we need. Doing business with them is a pleasure.

The product is outstanding. Almost every place that has introduced Town Dock’s US squid has become a repeat purchaser of the product. Their customers prefer the quality and that it’s fresh, US squid. When they put Town Dock on the menu, their sales increase.”

Gary Garrett

Sam Rust Seafood Inc. Hampton, VA

“Town Dock is a good company and has been a long time supplier to Agar. They started as a domestic fishery but have been able to move with the market over the years to always keep us in stock. Their product is stored locally and their service is very good. They are always there to fix a problem or address a customer concern.

We are a national brand house, offering national brands that people recognize and are familiar with. Town Dock is pretty much the market leader in our region and nationally recognized for their quality.”

James LeDuc

Agar Supply Taunton, MA

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