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Located on the waterfront of Point Judith, Rhode Island, The Town Dock has a direct connection with our fishermen. They keep us supplied with wild-caught seafood and provide the quality control that we firmly stand behind.

The Town Dock has a deep connection with the sea. We manage the day-to-day process of catching and unloading our fish, as we have done for nearly 40 years.

  • 1980 Town Dock opens its new waterfront facility in Narragansett, Rhode Island
  • 1986 Town Dock purchases its first fleet boat, Lightning Bay
  • 1988 Town Dock builds one of the largest ice plants in Rhode Island to supply their fleet with ice and ensure top quality catch is maintained from the ocean to the dock
  • 1990 Town Dock begins shipping its seafood internationally and builds additional production and freezer space to accommodate demand
  • 2000 To maximize unloading capacity, Town Dock purchases more boats and adds another dock
  • 2004 Town Dock purchases processing plant in Johnston, Rhode Island
  • 2009 Town Dock purchases fleet boat, Stephanie Bryan
  • 2011 Town Dock purchases fleet boats Rebecca Mary, Excalibur, and Determination
  • 2012 Town Dock reaches over 50 employees
  • 2013 Town Dock purchases fleet boat, Tenacity
  • 2015 Town Dock purchases fleet boat, Sea Rambler, and recognized as the 8th fastest growing company in Rhode Island
  • 2017 Town Dock receives Providence Business News award for Overall Excellence in a Mid-Size Company
  • Today Town Dock is the largest supplier of calamari in the United States
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