The Fleet

Situated in the historic Port of Galilee in Point Judith, Rhode Island, our docks are busy every day receiving squid and fresh fish from our affiliated fleet and other local vessels.

In 1987, Lightning Bay became the first fishing vessel to join The Town Dock fleet. Today, the affiliated fleet includes several trip boats and counting. We also partner with day boats for smaller hauls.

Our approach purchasing fresh squid and seafood from both affiliated fleet vessels and independent fishermen ensures a constant supply of USA seafood, the majority landed here in Rhode Island, as well as from local docks. 

As part of our commitment to a higher standard in the seafood industry, products are caught by captains and crews who share our values. All of our affiliated captains maintain the highest safety standards on-board each vessel and fish responsibly according to federal and state regulations. Taking care of the crew and the fishery is simply the right thing to do!

Are you an independent fisherman interested in partnering with The Town Dock?


All fishing vessels in The Town Dock fleet are owned and operated by separate corporate entities.