A white shallow bowl with calamari rings in red sauce with parsley garnish

The Town Dock holds squid to a higher standard.

For more than 40 years, we've been on the docks in Rhode Island, offering quality wholesale seafood from a family-owned company. We pride ourselves on being squid experts: not only offering a full suite of quality domestic and imported calamari, but the know-how about squid species and cooking calamari to help each operation get the most from this cost-effective seafood.

As a vertically integrated company, we oversee our products from catch to cuisine. We're fishermen who work closely with our partner fleet and independent vessels; we're food scientists who obsess over the quality of our product; we're logistics experts, carefully tracking our squid in Rhode Island and around the world; we're chefs and foodservice and retail industry insiders who understand the business and can help. Whether you are a local or national restaurant operator, foodservice distributor, seafood market, overseas company, retail or grocery store—we have calamari you'll love, and the professionalism and integrity you deserve.

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Domestic Foodservice Calamari | Wholesale Frozen Squid

Picture of Rhode Island Calamari bag, certified sustainable squid, product of USA calamari, which has a medium blue border


Longfin Inshore Squid
Our flagship product 

Picture of Premium Domestic Calamari bag, certified sustainable seafood and product of USA squid, which has a dark blue border


Northern Shortfin Squid
Excellent value

Imported Foodservice Calamari | Wholesale Frozen Squid

Town Dock Fully Cleaned Calamari bag, which has a green border


Delicate and tender
Multiple tube sizes available

Town Dock Classic Calamari bag, which has a light blue border


Robust, truly classic offering
Excellent plate coverage

Traditionally Cleaned Calamari bag, with a black border


Wings on for extra cost savings
Multiple tube sizes available

A round plate of calamari steaks, gently cooked, garnished with lemons and hot peppers

Calamari Steaks

Jumbo Squid
Individually quick frozen
A plate of calamari strips, calamari fries, slightly seasoned and garnished with lemon and parsley

Calamari Strips

Jumbo Squid
Individually quick frozen

Ready-to-Cook Calamari | Small Batch Wholesale Refrigerated Squid

Four round plastic containers with calamari tubes, calamari rings, and tubes and rings with tentacles, ready to use


Ultra convenient ready-to-cook
Multiple species & country of origin available

Right From the Dock | Wholesale Rhode Island Seafood

Front of the whole frozen squid box, with an illustration of a squid holding a fork, knife, and spoon


MSC Longfin Inshore Squid
Also called Whole Round Squid or Whole Dirty Squid

A filet of white fish on dill and lemon

Fresh Fish

Wholesale, local fresh fish
Shipped six days a week 

Retail & Grocery Calamari | Wholesale Frozen Squid

Are you a consumer looking to purchase our calamari at your local grocery store? Click here to launch our calamari finder and search by zip code.

1 pound box of our Longfin squid rings.


Longfin Inshore Squid
Tubes or rings, with or without tentacles
1 pound box of Shortfin calamari tubes with the MSC blue fish logo


Northern Shortfin Squid
Tubes or rings, with or without tentacles
1 pound box of calamari steaks, product of Peru

Calamari Steaks

Jumbo Squid
Four 4-oz. steaks per box

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