An easy seafood recipe - calamari paella with lemons and parsley

The Town Dock is one of the leading suppliers of quality calamari and wholesale squid in the United States. 

For more than 40 years, The Town Dock has focused on offering the highest quality wild-caught calamari and the very best service. A market leader in both retail and foodservice calamari, we are a vertically integrated seafood company located on the water in the Port of Galilee, on Point Judith, in Narragansett, Rhode Island. We partner with a dedicated fleet of fishing vessels, local fishermen, and global suppliers, and provide the calamari expertise that guides our customers in making the best decisions for their unique businesses.

Whether you're a national chain restaurant, seafood house, independent restaurant, meal delivery kit service, grocery store of any size, or an overseas customer, we're confident we have the right calamari for you. And most importantly–that you and your customers will love the taste and be back for more. 

While we don't sell direct to consumer at this time, we provide some help to individual home chefs to locate our calamari in a store near you. 

Wholesale squid for foodservice distributors and quality calamari for restaurants and chefs

Foodservice Customers

Our largest line of business is supplying the best wholesale calamari to our foodservice customers, including foodservice operators, foodservice distributors, small restaurants, national chain restaurants, and more. 

Quality calamari for your seafood market and grocery store.


The Town Dock has a strong and growing retail presence in many retail and grocery stores nationwide. Our convenient one-pound box includes two smaller 8-ounce portions and 30-minute recipes to inspire consumers to try this new sustainable seafood.

The Town Dock exports sustainable squid around the world and imports quality calamari

International Customers

The Town Dock offers our locally-caught processed calamari and whole frozen squid for export markets around the world. Many international retailers are especially interested in our Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable squid! 

Calamari at home, for the home chef, easy to cook seafood recipes

Home Chef Customer

Quick-cooking, certified-sustainable, and always-delicious calamari is easy to make at home! While we don't sell direct-to-consumer at this time, we can help you locate our products in a store near you.


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