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Holding squid to a higher standard®
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Quality in Processing

We fish our seafood in a way that minimizes damage to the environment to help safeguard the earth’s natural resources. We strive for honesty in our transactions and sell all of our products by net weight only. And we remain as committed to the fishing industry and surrounding community as we were when we first started.

To Our Customers

Being on the waterfront in Point Judith, Rhode Island is essential to our success at The Town Dock. Our location enables us to have a direct connection with our fishermen who keep us supplied with our wild-caught seafood and provide the quality control that we firmly stand behind.

To Our Fishermen

We thank our fishermen for their contributions to the success of our organization. For decades, The Town Dock family has made it our mission to supply only the best seafood the ocean has to offer, and we know this would not be possible without the help of our dedicated fishermen.

Our Associations

At The Town Dock, we pride ourselves on actively partnering with associations in both the seafood industry and our local community. Our participation in these organizations allows our team to share their extensive experience and knowledge with others and also helps us stay at the forefront of current industry standards.

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