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Classic Calamari
Chinese Todarodes

Classic Calamari–Chinese Todarodes

Our Classic Calamari consistently outperforms other Todarodes squid on the market for quality. With tender consistency, smooth texture, and excellent plate coverage – you simply can’t go wrong!

  • Fully-Cleaned – Wings (Fins) Removed
  • Exceptionally tender Todarodes squid
  • Naturally uniform and smooth texture
  • Slightly larger rings excellent for plating displays
  • Imported from trusted suppliers who adhere to strict quality standards
  • Available in tubes and tentacles, tubes only, rings and tentacles, rings only
For more information about our products or to place an order, please fill out our contact form or call Sales at 401-789-2200.
Calamari, Chickpea, and Chorizo Salad

Cooking Time: 

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