Holding Squid to a Higher Standard

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Frozen Cleaned Squid

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The Town Dock offers the highest quality frozen cleaned squid in North America.

We offer a wide variety of the highest quality frozen squid products. Browse through our product list below or contact us today for more information.

RI-USA – Domestic Calamari, Fully Cleaned

  • The highest quality Loligo pealei squid
  • US domestic squid – caught fresh from America’s North Atlantic waters
  • Thoroughly cleaned and frozen
  • Offered for retail and food service
  • Easy-to-follow cooking instructions included on packaging
  • Available in tubes and tentacles, tubes only, rings and tentacles, rings only – various sizes
  • For more information on our United States domestic calamari, please click here
Fully-Cleaned – International
  • Superior Loligo squid selected from the finest international suppliers
  • Expertly cleaned by trusted partners
  • Heralded for its excellent consistency and rich taste
  • Available in tubes and tentacles, tubes only, rings and tentacles, rings only – various sizes
Traditionally-Cleaned – International
  • Imported and cleaned from Chinese Loligo squid
  • Excellent reputation among top chefs
  • Superb consistency
  • Available in tubes and tentacles, tubes only, rings, rings only and tentacles  – various sizes
Classic Label – Japanese Calamari, Fully-Cleaned
  • Exceptionally tender Todarodes squid
  • Naturally uniform and smooth texture
  • Slightly larger rings are excellent for plating displays
  • Imported from trusted suppliers who adhere to strict quality standards
  • Available in tubes and tentacles, tubes only, rings and tentacles, rings only
Calamari Steaks
  • Highest quality Peruvian squid steaks – a delicious alternative to traditional burgers
  • Tender fillets grill to perfection in minutes
  • High in protein
Calamari Strips
  • Cut from top quality Peruvian squid and frozen at peak freshness
  • Julienne cut IQF strips
  • When tossed in a light breading, these treats are a unique, delectable alternative to traditional fries
Breaded Calamari
  • Cut from high-end calamari, then lightly breaded and seasoned
  • Each ring is individually quick frozen and is great for fast-paced kitchens
  • From frozen to fryer – ready-to-use right from the bag
Whole Squid
  • USA domestic, premium grade Loligo pealei squid
  • Caught fresh by Town Dock’s dedicated fleet and unloaded at our waterfront location
  • Available fresh or frozen; squid is kept whole and uncleaned – various sizes
IQF Calamari Rings
  • Tender, delicious Peruvian IQF rings
  • Each ring is individually frozen – no waste
  • Uniform sized circular rings are great for plating displays
U5 & U10 Calamari Tubes
  • Large squid tubes are excellent when stuffed or grilled