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Sunset Catch Calamari

Sunset Catch Calamari - California Loligo

Sunset Catch Calamari is the latest addition to our USA product line. This California Market squid is delicate with a sweet, nutty flavor that many West Coast patrons swear by as the epitome of what calamari should taste like. One bite and you’ll understand why it’s hard to argue!

  • Harvested fresh from USA waters
  • Delicate size and texture with a sweet taste
  • Fully-Cleaned California Loligo squid – Doryteuthis (loligo) opalescens)
  • Available in tubes and tentacles, tubes only, rings and tentacles, and rings only
For more information about our products or to place an order, please complete our contact form or call Sales at 401-789-2200.
California Popcorn Calamari

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