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Holding Squid to a Higher Standard®

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Who We Are

With expertise that comes from working on the dock every day for 40 years, The Town Dock remains focused not only on offering the highest quality wild-caught seafood, but also the very best service.

Where We Are

Our foodservice partnerships are fed by the connections we have with fisherman around the world—from North America to Asia. Check out our global map to learn more!

Founder's Message

“My goal has been to provide our customers with the highest quality product and service they can’t find anywhere else. Years later, we still pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity.”

Our Fleet

As part of our commitment to a higher standard, The Town Dock fleet is comprised of seven fishing vessels, as well as a network of fishermen who share our values.

All fishing vessels in The Town Dock fleet are owned and operated by separate corporate entities.

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