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Holding Squid to a Higher Standard®

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Founder’s Message

For decades, The Town Dock has made it our mission to offer only the best squid and seafood the ocean has to offer. Starting out as a fish cutter in Point Judith, Rhode Island in 1965, I have seen many changes in the seafood industry. In 1980 I started the Town Dock in Wickford, Rhode Island. My goal has been to provide our customers with the highest quality product and service they can’t find anywhere else. Years later, we still pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity. We continue to hold ourselves to a higher standard every day.

The Town Dock values our customers above all. We know there are plenty of companies who can catch, clean, and package your squid for you. But when you choose the Town Dock, you can be sure you are getting nature’s best.

Please feel free to drop us a line anytime. We’d love to hear from you about your Town Dock experience.

Thanks for stopping by,
Noah Clark

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