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Holding Squid to a Higher Standard®

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The Fleet

The Town Dock receives most of our first-class seafood from local fishing vessels at the famed Port of Galilee in Point Judith, Rhode Island – our home. As part of our commitment to a higher standard in the seafood industry, our products are caught by a fleet of fishing vessels and captains who share our values and unload at our docks.

Our Policy

In 1987, Lightning Bay became the first fishing vessel to join The Town Dock fleet. Today, The Town Dock fleet includes seven trip boats and counting as we continue to expand our fleet. This helps ensure a constant supply of product and the flexibility to best meet our customers’ needs.

In addition to the trip boats that go out for longer catches, The Town Dock has partnerships with a fleet of 10-15 day boats for smaller hauls. This day boat fleet typically fish daily from 6 a.m. until 5 p.m., and each boat is unloaded multiple times – by hand – every single day.

Local Fisherman

We strive to source as much product as possible from local boats. The Town Dock purchases fish from 20 independently owned large boats.

Responsibly, safety, and profitably – that’s The Town Dock way. All of our captains maintain the highest possible safety standards on-board each vessel and fish responsibly and according to federal and state regulations. When you choose The Town Dock, you’re choosing clean, great-tasting squid and fresh fish – nature’s best – all possible because of the support of our fleet of local fishermen that serve us.

All fishing vessels in The Town Dock fleet are owned and operated by separate corporate entities.

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