Calamari Portion Packs

Keep things simple with portion packs.

Keep things running smoothly, error-proof your portions, and control costs with our calamari portion packs. Our quality Asian loligo is split 70/30 into rings and tentacles, ready to hit the fryer or sauté pan for each serving.

Our portion packs are a favorite among seasonal, high turnover locations as they streamline prep and eliminate costly portion-size errors.

Point of Sale Sheet

Download the Portion Pack Point of Sale Sheet

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Fully Cleaned Asian Calamari

Fully Cleaned Asian Calamari

  • Asian Loligo

  • From our trusted overseas partners

  • Fully cleaned

Premium Domestic Calamari

Premium Domestic Calamari

  • North Atlantic Illex

  • MSC certified sustainable fishery

  • Fully cleaned

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