Chimichurri Calamari Steak Sandwich

Your new favorite burger.

Our calamari steaks offer unique and versatile calamari applications! From burgers to seafood sandwiches to katsu, our calamari steaks bring customers a tempting option while increasing your margins compared to many other seafoods.

Our calamari steaks are cut from Jumbo Squid caught off the coast of Peru. They are individually quick frozen (IQF), making them ideal for both sit-down and fast-casual operations.

Our calamari steaks a are the favorite of chefs looking to offer more of a unique spin on an enduring favorite food.

Love the photo? Get the recipe for Calamari Steak Chimichurri Sandwiches here. 

Point of Sale Sheet

Download the Calamari Steaks  Point of Sale Sheets

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Whole Round squid

Whole Round squid

  • North Atlantic Loligo

  • MSC certified

  • Whole, frozen fresh from our docks

Retail Calamari

Retail Calamari

  • Product of the USA

  • One-pound bag labeled for retail applications

  • Tubes only and Tubes & tentacles available

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