Chef Ready Calamari

Chef Ready Calamari keeps your kitchen moving.

Our ready-to-use calamari is the perfect solution for a busy back of the house. It arrives perfectly thawed and ready to use, saving you time, space, and removing the possibility of thaw errors.

Chef Ready is as close to fresh as you can get: it’s frozen quickly to preserve freshness and maximize shelf life for the end user. Select from our Rhode Island Calamari® or Bombay Coast Calamari, choose a foam box or plastic round, and whether you prefer rings or tubes with or without tentacles. Once you try Chef Ready, it’s hard to go back!

Point of Sale Sheet

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Premium Domestic Calamari

Premium Domestic Calamari

  • North Atlantic Illex

  • MSC certified sustainable fishery

  • Fully cleaned

Bombay Coast Calamari

Bombay Coast Calamari

  • Indian Ocean Loligo species

  • Firm bite & bright white color

  • Fully cleaned

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