Fully Cleaned Calamari

Our smaller, more delicate imported calamari. 

Our overseas partnerships are just that: partnerships. Our international teams are constantly globetrotting to build personal relationships with our suppliers, inspect facilities, and fine-tune processing. The end result is the highest quality imported calamari.

With pricing for volume and multiple tube sizes available, our Fully Cleaned Imported line provide operators with maximum flexibility for their menu choices.

Point of Sale Sheet

Download the Fully Cleaned Calamari Information Sheet

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Traditionally Cleaned Calamari

Traditionally Cleaned Calamari

  • Asian loligo

  • Carefully selected from our international partners

  • Wings and headmeat mean extra cost savings

Chef Ready Calamari

Chef Ready Calamari

  • Save time, space, and thaw errors

  • Perfect for high-volume operators

  • Previously frozen at peak freshness for maximum shelf life

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