Imported Calamari

The best imported calamari from our trusted suppliers around the globe. 

When we say we are committed to holding squid to a higher standard, that includes our imported squid products. We have searched the globe for the best squid species for each of our product lines, ensuring not only consistent quality and a consistent experience, but also uninterrupted availability. Our teams work closely with our overseas partners, ensuring compliance with our quality, safety, authenticity, and ethical supply chain policies. The result is a high-quality imported calamari you can feel good about serving to your customers. 
Front of our Fully Cleaned Calamari bag, including a green border


Delicate and tender
Multiple tube sizes 

Classic Calamari bag, with a light blue border


A robust, larger calamari
Excellent plate coverage

Traditionally Cleaned Calamari bag, with a black border

Traditionally Cleaned Calamari

Wings on for extra cost savings
Multiple tube sizes 

A plate of lightly cooked calamari steaks, garnished with parsley, lemons, and small hot peppers

Calamari Steaks & Strips for Foodservice

Calamari steaks or strips (fries)
Individually quick frozen
Four round containers with calamari rings, tubes, and/or tentacles


Perfectly thawed and ready-to-use
Multiple raw materials available, including imported and domestic

Calamari Steaks in our retail box packaging with a coral-colored wrap and Peruvian flag.

Calamari Steaks for Retail

Jumbo Squid
Product of Peru

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