Premium Domestic Calamari tubes cooked in calamari piccata with capers and lemon
The Town Dock Premium Domestic Calamari bag, 2.5-lb foodservice bag

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A Sustainable Seafood Success Story. 

For years, Northern Shortfin Squid didn’t get much attention. But we discovered its best kept secret: it is delicious.

Northern Shortfin Squid, Illex illecebrosus, lives farther north than its Longfin cousin, in the deeper and colder waters of the north Atlantic Ocean. Its fishery being further off-shore allows for larger schools of squid, making for more efficient harvests and minimizing by-catch. These two factored into two of our Premium Domestic Calamari's major selling points: not only is it a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable seafood, but it also is an excellent value for foodservice distributors, restaurants, and retail or grocery stores looking to offer a sustainable, product of the USA calamari, at an excellent price point. 

Northern Shortfin Squid tends to be a little larger than Longfin, still fairly delicate, but boasting a more savory flavor profile and a somewhat buttery-white color. The larger tubes and rings make for excellent plate coverage, and if you love tentacles, don't leave them out of the order. 

In the markets in the United States, the Northern Shortfin squid is sometimes called Summer Squid, as its fishing season is May through about September each year, or just called by its genus, illex. As neither of these are acceptable FDA market names, and to avoid confusion with the Argentine Shortfin Squid (Illex argentinus), we refer to it by its official Northern Shortfin squid name. But, if you contact us looking for USA illex squid - we'll know what you're talking about! 

Don't need it frozen? Premium Domestic Calamari is an option in our Chef Ready Calamari program when inventory allows (remember, this is a wild-caught species!). This is a ready-to-cook product with small minimums and a quick order cycle. 

Not looking for a foodservice product? We also sell the same, restaurant-quality Northern Shortfin squid into our wholesale Retail Calamari program for seafood markets and grocery stores. 

Home chef looking to purchase our product at retail? We don't sell direct-to-consumer at this time, but check out our Calamari Finder to find our calamari in a store near you. We are in the frozen seafood section. 

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