Chef Ready Calamari

Our ready-to-use calamari helps keep the kitchen moving.

Our ready-to-use calamari saves time, space, and labor - all precious commodities in the back of the house!

The squid selected for our Chef Ready Calamari is frozen quickly after harvest. This saves the freshness and shelf life for the end user, instead of wasting it in the supply chain. Chef Ready Calamari is then perfectly thawed to order, hand-picked and hand-packed in our facility in Rhode Island and shipped out for use. With very low minimum orders, tight quality control, and a same- or next-day shipment schedule, once you try Chef Ready Calamari, it's hard to go back. 

We offer multiple raw materials in our Chef Ready Calamari program; get in touch with our team about our current availability. 

Cuts available:

  • Tubes only

  • Tubes & tentacles

  • Rings only

  • Rings & tentacles

Packaging available:

  • Ten-pound styro

  • Ten-pound rounds (back of the house loves these containers!)

  • With ice or gel packs

Origins available:

  • Domestic

  • Imported


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