A blue bowl of fried Rhode Island Style Calamari with peppers and garlic
Our Flagship Product

Our Flagship Product.

While some people called it the Boston Squid or Boston Loligo, but the Longfin Inshore Squid (Doryteuthis pealeii) really belongs to Rhode Island. It’s the official state appetizer, in part because the fishery has brought and kept jobs and opportunities to the historic Port of Galilee for generations.

Small, sweet, and delicate, Rhode Island Calamari® has long been a favorite of foodies. As the first-ever Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable squid species, it’s poised to continue its reign as one of our post popular products.

Rhode Island Calamari is the preferred calamari for restaurants who are looking for the best of the best or prefer a smaller, more delicate, and tender product.

Our Rhode Island calamari is also available in our Retail Calamari program. 

Point of Sale Sheet

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