Sunset Catch Calamari

Please note: Our Sunset Catch Calamari has been discontinued at this time. We suggest our Rhode Island Calamari® as an alternative. 

For some people, west coast = best coast*.

And that applies to their calamari, too: many of our west coast patrons won’t settle for anything other than California Market Squid.

With a small, delicate size that makes it perfect for popcorn calamari and other bite-size appetizers, this calamari has the rock-star cult following you’d expect from California.

Sunset Catch Calamari. You either get it or you don’t.

* As Rhode Islanders, we’re not so sure - but we’ll let it go. This time.

Point of Sale Sheet

Download the Sunset Catch Calamari Point of Sale Sheet
(plus a bonus recipe!)

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Premium Domestic Calamari

Premium Domestic Calamari

  • MSC Certified Sustainable

  • From the cold, deep waters of the North Atlantic

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Rhode Island Calamari

Rhode Island Calamari®

  • MSC Certified Sustainable

  • Small, delicate size

  • Our flagship product

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