Traditionally Cleaned Calamari

Our smaller, more delicate imported calamari, with wings on for extra cost savings. 

The Town Dock prides itself on the quality of our imported calamari products, and our Traditionally Cleaned Calamari is no exception. 

Our Traditionally Cleaned Calamari product line is a frozen foodservice offering, and is a somewhat smaller and delicate calamari compared to our Classic Calamari offering, and is (as the name suggests) traditionally cleaned as compared to our Fully Cleaned Calamari product.

Wings (fins) can simply be trimmed off before the tubes are cut into rings, or if you prefer, wings are edible! They can make an interesting addition to a variety of applications made with squid tubes. 

Wholesale customers looking for the texture and flavor of the Asian Loligo squid species will appreciate this product. Our teams have carefully curated a collection of imported squid species for this product line and enforce a tight specification for all of our processing partners overseas. The result is the best of both worlds: a consistent flavor, texture, and size, plus the uninterrupted, year-round availability that foodservice operations need. 

Traditionally Cleaned Calamari offers two tube sizes, allowing flexibility for different applications that chefs have in mind. Priced for volume and with The Town Dock's higher standards, it's sure to please. 

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