The Town Dock calamari can be found in the frozen seafood section, or sometimes in the freezer right next to the seafood counter. If you can't find it, be sure to ask! (Are you a foodservice customer or seafood department looking for wholesale purchasing? Contact us here and we'll help!)

New for 2022! The Town Dock is proud to introduce updated packaging that will be phasing into stores throughout the year. Our new retail boxes offer the same restaurant-quality calamari that you know and love, now split into two, eight-ounce servings, and with a quick and delicious recipe right on the box. 

For your convenience, our calamari finder will locate the nearest store carrying any product regardless of packaging style. Because not all stores carry all cuts, for the best results we recommend searching by location, not by specific product. 

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Want us in your local store? Download and print this request form and hand it to the manager. They won't stock our calamari if they don't know people want it! 

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Does your store carry our calamari at retail, but you're missing from the list? Let us know!