To Our Customers

From foodservice companies and distributors to your favorite restaurant, The Town Dock’s calamari is found across the country and around the world.

Our dockside location in Point Judith, Rhode Island is essential to our success. We have a direct connection with our fishermen, who keep us supplied with our wild-caught seafood, and ensure that our products meet our high standards. We continue to manage the day-to-day process of catching and unloading our fish, as we’ve done for the past 40 years.

We have dedicated international teams and full-time overseas employees are hands-on with our international partners. This ensures our imported calamari has the same quality you expect from our domestic products.

Our business has grown because we have helped our customers grow their businesses. That includes specialized support for distributors, foodservice providers, retail establishments, and international companies. From training sessions to to sales calls to recipes to market reports: we are here to help you grow.

Our Success Starts with our Local Fishermen

For decades, The Town Dock has made it our mission to supply only the best seafood the ocean has to offer. This would not be possible without our local fishermen. Our fresh team is proud to provide our local fishermen partnership that they can count on, including competitive pricing and pay the next day policies. We have an excellent nation-wide market for fluke, sea bass, scup, and more.

The Town Dock supports the Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance and its mission of continuing to help create sustainable fisheries without putting licensed fishermen out of business. Since its inception, the Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance has stayed true to its motto “for the people, by the people.” The common bond of this group is a shared sense of responsibility to protect every Rhode Island fishery and every harvester.

Holding squid - and ourselves - to a higher standard.

At The Town Dock, we are committed to high standards.


We harvest our seafood with best practices to minimize impact to the environment. We not only abide by the quotas and guidelines put forth by regulatory bodies, but we have gone ever farther to spearhead the certification by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). We are proud to offer the only two species of squid, North Atlantic Loligo and North Atlantic Illex, which are certified sustainable by this rigorous process.

We remain committed to the fishing industry and the surrounding community. We only work with partner fishermen with whom we have built relationships and who abide by our strict catch method qualifications. Our domestic seafood is unloaded at our docks, from our dedicated fleet and these local partners and community members.

We have dedicated processing staff around the world. Team members in Rhode Island oversee our Narragansett and Johnston facilities; team members who are based out of our Narragansett main office but constantly travel abroad to inspect and support our overseas partners; and full time team members in Asia to oversee processing and uphold our commitment to quality. Additionally, all of our overseas product is directly imported. This hands-on approach to our imported products is how we are able to maintain our high standards around the world.

We strive for honesty and accountability in all we do. This means long lasting partnerships with the distributors, foodservice operators, customers, and end users who have come to recognize that The Town Dock sets the standard for quality calamari.