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Our Associations

At The Town Dock, we pride ourselves on actively partnering with associations in both the seafood industry and our local community. Our participation in these organizations allows our team to share their extensive experience and knowledge with others and also helps us stay at the forefront of current industry standards.

As calamari is the official appetizer of the state of Rhode Island, we are happy to be a Rhode Island Seafood partner. Rhode Island has so much to offer when it comes to seafood selection, but when it is mixed with other seafood in the marketplace it is hard to differentiate its source. Through proudly displaying the Rhode Island Seafood logo on all our products and materials, we can help promote better access to local seafood and the economic growth of Rhode Island’s commercial fishing and seafood industries.

The MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is an international nonprofit organization established to set global scientific standards for sustainable fishing practices and to ensure an ocean full of life today, tomorrow and always. In short, it is the world’s most credible standard for sustainable wild-caught seafood. Our partnership with MSC means that our product is caught at a level that allows fish populations and the ecosystems which they depend to remain healthy and productive for the future.

The Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation (CFRF) is a non-profit, private foundation dedicated to conducting research that assists in the achievement of sustainable fisheries through the generation of better information and effective technologies. Its work is for the benefit of individuals and businesses dependent on commercial fishing, consumers of seafood, and the public good ( Our partnership with CFRF helps us keep informed on the topics and issues facing the RI Commercial Fishing industry and allows us to take action when changes to processes are necessary.

The Town Dock is not only involved in associations in Rhode Island, but many others throughout the United States. The California Fisheries and Seafood Institute is the nation’s largest regional organization that represents members of the consumer seafood supply industry. They are “the voice of the Consumer Seafood Supply Industry,” and our participation allows us to keep informed on issues and standards that may have an impact on our valued customers.

Additional Associations and News Sources

Looking for more information? Use any of the links below to visit some of our additional associations.

NOAA Fisheries helps conserve, protect, and manage living marine resources in in a sustainable manner, so these ecosystems continue to flourish in the Northeast.

Chaired by the RI Department of Environmental Management, this organization supports local fishermen and small businesses and seeks to increase awareness and consumption by the public of locally fished species.

Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance helps educate the public on regulations and their effect on the fishing industry. This group also helps consumers find access to local fisheries.

Fish Watch is maintained by NOAA Fisheries and provides easy-to-understand facts to consumers to help ensure informed, sustainable seafood choices.

Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance helps educate the public on regulations and their effect on the fishing industry. This group also helps consumers find access to local fisheries.

This organization helps promote and protect Atlantic coast fish species from physical waste.

GAA Enforces socially responsible Aquaculture. They have developed certification standards and have become the leading organization to set standards for aquaculture seafood.

Seafood Business is a trusted industry-related magazine that reports on seafood trends, and helps consumers make informed buying decisions.

Seafood Expo North America is North America’s largest seafood event and features more than 900 related exhibits from all over the world.

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