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Holding Squid to a Higher Standard®

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Quality in Processing

At The Town Dock, we are committed to maintaining safe fishing practices and quality in processing.

We fish our seafood in a way that minimizes damage to the environment to help safeguard the earth’s natural resources. We strive for honesty in our transactions and sell all of our products by net weight only. And we remain as committed to the fishing industry and surrounding community as we were when we first started.

Want to help sustain the ocean’s valuable resources? Ensure your seafood comes from The Town Dock. We only work with reliable fishermen with whom we have built long relationships, and who abide by our strict catch method qualifications to ensure that we are not harming the environment by our practices. We even employ a full-time, Town Dock calamari expert in Asia to oversee processing and uphold our commitment to quality. All overseas product is directly imported.

All this we do to help provide our customers with good, clean, top quality squid and fish they’ve come to expect over years of service. Better quality means longer shelf life and variable cook time, both help to reduce cost in the kitchen.

The Town Dock is deeply connected to its supply by being located on the waterfront and owning our own fleet. We source our squid fresh from boats and do not include waste in our product or include excess water in our price.


We developed our flume delivery system to transport seafood from our boats into our processing facility. Day boat fish is unloaded, hand-sorted, and hand-packed seven days a week. This helps ensure a constant supply of product and the ability to best meet our customers’ needs.


We offer clean, superior, great-tasting squid, which we attribute to being ‘hands on’ with our product lines. We follow our product right from unloading the boats, through the cleaning and packaging process, right through shipping to our customers. The quality, freshness, and taste that are signature marks of our products are due to our location right on the waterfront, the dedicated fishermen who dock with us each day, and our company commitment to bringing the best seafood products to the market.

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