Fall Calamari Recipes

We love fall, but we sometimes we need a break from the pumpkin spice. These calamari recipes will give you something to enjoy while you enjoy the cooler weathers. We have put together some of our favorite calamari recipes that we know you will love. 

Arancini Style Stuffed Calamari

Arancini Style Stuffed Calamari is a great option for a cool fall day. This recipe is a spin-off of the classic Italian rice ball.  This easy recipe is great for a mid-week meal. 

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Cozy Calamari Stew

During this magical time of the year, we love to get cozy with Cozy Calamari Stew.  There is nothing more comforting than a warm stew, perfect for a cool day.  This recipe is easy to put together and a quick weeknight meal.


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Rhode Island Style Calamari

Most fall recipes are warm soups or stews, but let's be honest, Rhode Island Style Calamari can be enjoyed all year round.  The official Appetizer of the State of Rhode can be made at home on a cool fall  day.  This recipe is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser and the cherry pepper and garlic is sure to warm you up.

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