Traditionally Cleaned vs. Fully Cleaned Squid

squid quill

Sid the Squid promoting our two new food service calamari lines!

The squid industry has its own lingo, and there are two phrases everyone should know about: traditionally cleaned and fully cleaned.

A cleaned squid will fall into either category, and it’s important to understand the difference, especially when it comes to placing orders.

One common thing in traditionally cleaned and fully cleaned squid is that the head, guts, skin, and “quill” (the backbone) are removed in both. Of course, the tentacles are saved with each kind of cleaned squid. The only difference comes down to the wings.

Traditionally Cleaned Squid

traditionally cleaned squidIn this style of cleaned squid, the “wings” (or the “fins”) aren’t removed. The squid wings are edible, however chefs aren’t able to make calamari rings from the wings, and they are often discarded as waste.

Fully Cleaned Squid

fully cleaned squidIn this style, the squid’s wings are removed, and they can be removed either by pulling them off or cutting them off the tube. Once the squid is fully cleaned, all that remains are its tentacles and tube. A fully cleaned tube reduces waste if wings are going to be discarded as waste and saves operator labor costs when making rings.

The Town Dock carries both traditionally and fully cleaned squid products for food service and retail. Our Traditionally Cleaned Calamari is Chinese Loligo, which has an excellent reputation for consistency and superb tenderness. Our Fully Cleaned Calamari line of imported Loligo has excellent taste and tenderness and is a popular choice among chefs due to its ease of use. We also have multiple domestic calamari product lines that are fully cleaned, including our flagship, Rhode Island Calamari.