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Our Products

Town Dock is the largest supplier of premier calamari in the United States.
We owe our success to our people, our product quality and our promise,
which are unmatched in the industry.

Rhode Island Calamari

Our Rhode Island Calamari brand is the highest quality East Coast squid and is caught fresh from North Atlantic waters. Our squid is meticulously cleaned and frozen for optimal freshness.
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Fully Cleaned Calamari

Our Fully Cleaned Calamari line of imported Loligo has excellent taste and tenderness. Fully-cleaned by trusted partners, this line is popular choice among chefs for ease of use.
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Classic Calamari - Todarodes

Our Classic Calamari consistently outperforms other Todarodes squid on the market for quality. With tender consistency, smooth texture, and excellent plate coverage – you simply can’t go wrong!
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Traditionally Cleaned Calamari - Loligo

Our Traditionally Cleaned Calamari line is imported calamari with a wonderful quality reputation. Delicate and smooth texture make it a top choice among chefs. Available in a variety of sizes for any dish!
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Fresh Fish

Our selection of fresh fish is caught by our own fleet. It is then carefully unloaded, sorted, cut and packed at our waterfront location in Point Judith, Rhode Island.
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Additional Town Dock Products

Learn about our other restaurant ready products including Fresh Cleaned Squid, Calamari Steaks, Calamari Strips, Whole Squid, IQF Calamari Rings, and U5 & U10 Calamari Tubes.
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Our fully-cleaned, top quality East Coast squid is an ideal item for any foodservice company or retail chain looking to deliver top quality, US domestic squid.
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Chef-Ready Squid

Town Dock’s chef-ready, Premier No-Thaw-Ready-To-Cook Squid is some of the finest calamari available.
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