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Town Dock Products

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Calamari Steaks

  • Highest quality Peruvian (Gigas) and Asian (Bartrami) squid steaks – a delicious alternative to traditional burgers
  • 4-6 oz, 6×5 lbs
  • Tender fillets grill to perfection in minutes
  • High in protein

Calamari Strips

  • Cut from top quality Peruvian squid and frozen at peak freshness
  • Julienne-cut IQF strips
  • When tossed in a light breading, these strips are a unique, delectable alternative to traditional fries

Whole Squid

  • US domestic, superior-grade Loligo squid
  • Caught fresh by Town Dock’s dedicated fleet and unloaded at our waterfront location
  • Available fresh or frozen; squid is kept whole and uncleaned – various sizes

IQF Calamari Rings

  • Tender, delicious Peruvian IQF rings
  • Each ring is individually frozen – no waste
  • Uniform sized circular rings are great for plating displays

U5 & U10 Calamari Tubes

  • Large squid tubes are excellent when stuffed or grilled

Pacu Rib Racks

Town Dock is the primary provider of Brazilian Pacu Ribs (Piaractus Mesopotamicus) in the US. The Pacu fish is a South American freshwater fish, closely related to the infamous piranha, but about three times its size. They are farm-raised in ponds and processed under sustainable guidelines to ensure the best possible product for customers.

  • Meat-filled bones with an oily, robust, and balanced taste
  • Perfect for baking, frying, or grilling
  • Farm raised in ponds under sustainable guidelines in Brazil
  • IQF rib racks skin on, packed 2×7.5 lbs


The Town Dock is the primary distributor for Paiche fillets in the United States. The Brazilian Paiche is farm raised and processed sustainably and is under full quality control at The Town Dock.  Paiche is known for its rich and meaty substance and is said to taste better than the Chilean Seabass or Halibut. Its flavor, firm texture and fat content give this fish great flexibility in preparation methods- Paiche can be grilled, fried, baked, or smoked.

  • Farm raised from the Amazonian Basin
  • The ideal product for well-seasoned dishes, such as those
    with herbs or red sauce
  • Fillet is a savory and tender meat with almost no fat
  • Ideal for chefs who are looking for a unique and versatile seafood


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