Calamari strips being placed on a pita wrap topped with lettuce, cucumber rounds, and red onion slices

Think Beyond The Ring! 

What's a calamari steak? They are made from the same seafood meat as a calamari ring or tube, but from a much larger squid. In our case, they are cut or stamped from Jumbo Squid (Dosidicus gigas, also called Humboldt Squid). This unique cut is an excellent substitution for boring whitefish or chicken. Professional kitchens serve them grilled or fried, stuffed in wraps, sandwiches, and even made into calamari croutons for a delicious salad. Many foodservice professionals offer calamari strips (which are like fries) as an appetizer with a sauce flight, too. 

Calamari Steaks or Strips are way to incorporate heart-healthy, omega-3 rich seafood into the diets of picky kids (or adults!) as they don't have a fishy taste and can easily be cut into smaller pieces and readily accept the flavors of however you choose to prepare it. 

Learn more about our wholesale calamari steaks and wholesale calamari strips for foodservice and retail or grocery stores. If you're a consumer looking to purchase Calamari Steaks, visit our Calamari Finder and search by zip code to find a store near you. 

A calamari steak burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, and toasted bun

Foodservice Calamari Steaks

Jumbo Squid from the south Pacific Ocean
Cost-effective swap for other seafoods
Individually quick frozen for convenience

A gyro wrap with calamari strips, lettuce, tomato, tzatziki

Foodservice Calamari Strips

Jumbo Squid from the south Pacific Ocean
Great for wraps and salads
Individually quick frozen for convenience

Calamari Steak retail box, one pound, with a Peruvian flag and coral accent colors

Retail Calamari Steaks

Product of Peru Jumbo Squid
1-lb. box with 4 steaks
Seafood Watch Good Alternative


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