Town Dock Listed on FishChoice!

The Town Dock is pleased to announce its new listing of its domestic loligo pealei squid on the website of sustainable seafood community, FishChoice! FishChoice’s mission is to help businesses source and sell sustainable seafood. FishChoice serves major retailers and independent grocers; foodservice operators, restaurants and chefs; and processors, wholesalers, and brokers.

Longfin squid, or loligo pealei, is found off the shores of the eastern coast of the United States and is in season during the warmer months of April to October. Loligo pealei spawn year-round and live less than a year, making the population healthy even after heavy fishing.

Rhode Island Calamari Bag | The Town DockFishChoice lists Town Dock’s domestic squid line, RI USA, as a “Best Choice” by Seafood Watch and SeaChoice. RI USA is wild caught and fully cleaned and meets the highest quality standards for freshness, taste, and texture. Harvested from New England waters by our own fleet, RI USA is available in 1lb retail and 2.5lb food service packages.

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