Calamari: Your Go-To Dish

A versatile canvas for flavor, calamari is a common theme in many cuisines. Chefs and diners equally love calamari’s adaptability for a variety of flavors and seasonings. From Asian-inspired to the traditional Mediterranean dishes, calamari has something for everyone and can be your go-to dish. recently highlighted a popular Thai restaurant chain Busaba Eathai in London. The article focused on their seafood success and signature dish- calamari served with ginger and peppercorn. With ten restaurants located in London, Busaba Eathai sells squid “by the truckload.”

Calamari can be fried, sautéed, wood-grilled, baked, and steamed. The numerous preparations offer versatility for many restaurants and chefs. Common seasonings include tartar sauce, marinara sauce, hot pepper rings, lemon wedges, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper, and garlic aioli. Additionally, calamari is easily prepared - with an average cook time of 45-90 seconds.

As protein commodities continue to climb, calamari is still a low cost protein item that provides great value to the end user. Many restaurants and chefs are also attracted to calamari because of the low-cost and high average sell price, which ranges between $8.95 and $12.95. At Busaba Eathai a signature calamari side dish sells for $10.63, just another example of this seafood dish’s high-margin. Whether your goal is menu versatility, high-margin, or ease of use, calamari can be your go-to dish.

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- The Team at Town Dock