Calamari Featured in New York Times Magazine

We are so excited that famed food writer Mark Bittman chose to showcase calamari in yesterday's edition of the New York Times Magazine!

Leading with the phrase "Squid made easy", Bittman goes on to share 12 different flavorful preparations and claims that squid cooking couldn't be easier.

Scallions & Ginger Calamari Plate Deviled Broiled Calamari Plate | Tubes & Tentacles | The Town Dock

Two of our favorite Bittman suggestions are the "Scallions and Ginger" stir-fry and the "Deviled" broiled plate (pictured above). You should check out each of his recommendations for your own—you'll be sorry if you don't.

We'd love to hear which are your favorites in our comments below!

-The Team at Town Dock

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