Recipe: Thai Peanut Calamari

Thai food and calamari are perfect together. Why? They're both delicious - and under appreciated in the mainstream! 

Here, we combine your favorite fried calamari rings with peanut sauce, cool cilantro, and spicy sriracha. You can deep-fry or shallow pan fry at home. It's pretty straightforward: bread, fry, and toss in the sauce. 

Feel free to be a little creative with this recipe and deconstruct it, too! You can sauté calamari in sesame oil and garlic, toss in the peanut sauce, and then add to noodles or Pad Thai to make it a main course. Or just drizzle with the cilantro and sriracha sauces and eat it right out of the bowl - no noodles needed - it's delicious! 

A note about batter: we're partial to Fis-Chic Wonder Batter ourselves, but a quick google search of "Make your own seafood batter" will show you lots of options with common pantry options. Be sure to specify seafood batter when you search so you get the best option for what you're cooking. 

Thai Peanut Calamari

Thai Peanut CalamariIngredients

  • 6 oz. The Town Dock calamari tubes and tentacles, with tubes cut into rings
  • 2 oz. roasted red pepper
  • 4 cups seafood batter
  • 3 oz. thai peanut sauce
  • 2 oz. cilantro cream
  • 1 oz. sriracha
  • ½ line cut into wedges
  • Cut scallions for garnish


Cut tubes in ½ inch slices and tentacles in half.

Toss with roasted red peppers & dredge into batter.

Gently shake off excess batter and place in Fryolater or shallow fry in a sauce pan.

Remove and toss with Thai peanut sauce and place on plate.

Drizzle with cilantro cream.

Place sriracha in cup for dipping.

Top with scallions and lime wedge.

Cook′s Note

Recipe and image courtesy of The Rhode Show.