Seafood Terms and Phrases to Know

Do the terms “fully cleaned,” “slacking,” and “wings” sound foreign to you? There’s a vast amount of seafood lingo that’s used within the industry. Knowing the vocabulary and how the words apply to foodservice can improve your buying experience and allow you to be a more knowledgeable seafood consumer.

The following are some important seafood terms to know:

Calamari: This is the Italian name for squid. The squid’s tentacles and tube-shaped body can be sliced, severed, or left whole.

the town dock narragansett rhode island aerial viewFishery: A place where fish and other seafood are caught for commercial purposes.

Fully Cleaned: The squid’s wings have been removed in addition to its head, guts, and quills. Once a squid is fully cleaned, all that remains are its tentacles and its tubes. The Town Dock’s fully cleaned calamari has excellent taste and tenderness and is a popular choice among chefs due to its ease of use.

Glaze: The layer of ice that coats frozen seafood that protects it from dehydration and freezer burn.

Net Weight: The actual weight of a product without its container or packaging. The Town Dock strives to provide customers with the net weight of our products because we want them to know that the price they pay per pound for our products is the true cost.

Quota: A government-mandated limit of how much of a specific species can be caught during a specific time period. A quota is used to control populations and can affect the availability of seafood products.

the town dock rhode island calamari bagsPack Size: How many packs come in a case. The Town Dock offers calamari in 4x2.5lb, 10x2.5lb, and 10x1lb retail trays, and our calamari steaks and IQF strips come in 6x5lb packages.

Sustainable Seafood: Seafood that’s caught in ways that take into account the long-term sustainability of the species and well-being of the oceans. Most species are actively managed on a quota system that ensures the health of fish stocks and prevents seafood from being over-harvested.

Thawing Squid: In order to preserve the high quality of squid and get the full amount that you ordered, it is important to correctly thaw frozen squid or “slack squid.” Click here to learn more about how to properly thaw your squid!

Traditionally Cleaned: Although the head, v-meat, quill, and skin are all removed from the squid, the “wings” of the squid have not been removed. The Town Dock’s traditionally cleaned calamari is a top choice among chefs because of its delicate and smooth texture.

Wings: The fins of a squid are known as wings. While squid wings are edible, chefs are not able to make calamari rings from wings. The wings are generally about 12-15% of the yield of traditionally cleaned squid.

Have additional questions about squid or calamari? Contact us for more information! We’re more than happy to help you understand everything about squid and make sure you’re up to date on the latest seafood lingo.