Squid Secrets Revealed

Did you know that squid is a great source for daily nutrients? Ever wonder how long squid can last in your freezer?

Here at Town Dock, we know squid. We’d like to pass on some of our knowledge by sharing a few fun squid facts so that you can be as squid-savvy as we are. We hope you enjoy!

Squid Facts:

  • Tasty & Sustainable – The Monterey Bay Aquarium rates longfin squid—such as our Rhode Island USA line —as “best choice” for their known abundance and population health. No other domestic squid currently receives this highest ranking.[1]
  • Leading Catch – According to a Cornell study in 2011, Rhode Island brings in over half of the squid that is unloaded in the Northeast, making it the most abundant seafood source caught in the state.[2]
  • Safety First – Worry not! The EPA reports that squid is one of the best fish to eat because of its very low amounts of mercury.
  • Daily Dose Delivered – Squid is delicious and nutritious. Not only is it a great source of protein, 1 oz. of Calamari provides 9 percent of the daily value for calcium, 6.1 percent of the daily value for vitamin B12, 2.8 percent of the daily value for zinc, and 2 percent of the daily value for vitamin C.[3]
  • Versatile Complement -Boasting a mild flavor and firm texture, squid can adapt well to many sauces—from a lemon vinaigrette or pesto, to a marinara or cream sauce.[4]
  • Best Chilled - Looking for something that keeps well? Squid can be refrigerated for up to three days, and frozen for up to three months if kept below -18°C.[5]

Know of any other fun squid facts? Share them with the comment form below!

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