The Town Dock Heads Back to School

Pictured: Ryan Scelsa, Director of Fresh Sales & Purchasing & Vessel Operations, holding a John Dory in front of students at a local elementary school. 

Ryan Scelsa, Director of Fresh Sales & Purchasing & Vessel Operations, visited a local elementary school to speak with students regarding future career opportunities within the commercial fishing industry. From fishing to sales and vessel operations, he demonstrated to students the exciting and diverse job titles that commercial fishing has to offer.

The school career fair featured The Town Dock, Providence Fire Department, Providence Police Department, Rhode Island College, and members of the Rhode Island National Guard. Each presenter showcased their line of work and provided insights into what a typical day looks like in their respective professions.

Ryan's interactive session is what truly sparked curiosity amongst students about potentially having a career in the maritime world. He elaborated on the various career pathways within the industry, explaining the job roles on the water and on land, emphasizing how each position contributes to the overall business operation. On the maritime side, roles such as deckhand, captain, engineer, and first-mate are pivotal, while on the land side, responsibilities encompass purchasing, selling, and overseeing general operations.

After discussing the different roles that are included in the commercial fishing industry, Ryan demonstrated the different types of species that can be caught on the shores of Rhode Island. These species included Jumbo fluke, John dory, Conger eel, Longfin Inshore squid, Mackerel, and Butterfish to name a few. 

"I would pick them up one at a time, walk around, and tell them what species it is and where they are typically found," Ryan said. 

The different age groups of students at the career fair displayed a range of interests and inquiries about the commercial fishing industry. The younger students were captivated by the concept of the fastest species and eagerly asked about which ones had the potential to bite. Their curiosity and excitement showed as they learned about the various marine life that can be found off the shores of Rhode Island. While the older students approached the topic from a more business-oriented perspective. They asked questions about the average weight of a catch and the potential earnings that could be made in the industry. Ryan navigated these inquiries, stressing the importance of ethical and sustainable fishing practices to all age groups. 

Furthermore, Ryan shed light on the influence of seasonal changes and market conditions on the variety and quantity of catches. He explained that understanding these factors is crucial for a successful and sustainable fishing operation. 

At The Town Dock, we believe in the importance of sharing our knowledge about the commercial fishing industry, especially with the younger generations in our community. With more than 40 years of experience in commercial fishing, we are passionate about seeing it thrive and evolve. Interacting with the younger generation and sharing our passion for the commercial fishing industry is always a rewarding experience for us!