10 Year Anniversary of Rhode Island's Official State Appetizer

On Thursday, June 27, 2024, The Town Dock and the State of  Rhode Island celebrate the 10 year anniversary of calamari being named the official state appetizer of Rhode Island. 

Ten years ago, in the Port of Galilee, then-Governor Lincoln Chafee announced a historic moment for Rhode Island at The Town Dock facilities. Chafee signed legislation into law that officially named Rhode Island-style calamari as the official state appetizer at our docks in the Port of Galilee. The legislation celebrated the flavors of the wonderful Rhode Island Style Calamari and honored the hardworking fishing community that sustains our local coastal economy.

With the celebration of the calamari state, it's important to not only savor the flavors of the delicious appetizer but also recognize its impact on the state of Rhode Island. Squid is a staple in the Rhode Island commercial fishing industry, with millions of pounds of squid being landed in Rhode Island each year. Rhode Island proudly holds the position as the squid capital of the East Coast, highlighting the significant impact of squid fishing on our state's economy and seafood industry. The fishing industry in Rhode Island not only sustains thousands of jobs and livelihoods but also plays a vital role in our state's economy. The Port of Galilee is a major economic hub for fisheries and a popular tourist destination in the summer months.

Attendees enjoyed samples of The Town Dock's calamari, served in the traditional Rhode Island style, at the docks behind our facilities in Narragansett. The Rhode Island Style Calamari, coated in a light batter, is fried and tossed in a garlic butter sauce and hot peppers. All the flavors combined perfectly, making it a beloved appetizer in Rhode Island and across the country.

Rhode Island Calamari is more than just a delicious treat; it's now has become a symbol of community and heritage in our state. 

As we raise a forkful of calamari coated, we are not just enjoying a meal, but celebrating a tradition that has sustained our coastal towns for generations.

Check out our Rhode Island Style Calamari recipe here and enjoy this popular delicacy at home: https://www.towndock.com/recipes/recipe-ri-at-home