China Seafood Expo | Town Dock International Division

China Seafood Expo | The Town Dock | CalamariSince the introduction of our new International Division this year, our team has made great strides and formed powerful connections. Our 2015 signature moment came earlier this month at the 2015 China Fisheries & Seafood Expo. The Expo was a great opportunity for companies all around the world to meet with the International team about our premier product lines, services, and other offerings.

The Town Dock International team met with hundreds of people stemming from dozens of countries around the world like China, Hong Kong, India, Spain, and Israel. The Town Dock International booth showcased its extensive product line that includes hake, scup, salmon, and butterfish. The International Division also featured its female capelin and highlighted its product features and competitive pricing:

W/R Female Capelin

(Mallotus Villous)

Product Features


July-August 2015 production

Expiry date: 18 months from the date of production

95{af4353f74f8b04e9214f6872c9dda5a838e42d5a928a4854bd0ee81e5f80a7f0}+ useable females

Roe content 25-30{af4353f74f8b04e9214f6872c9dda5a838e42d5a928a4854bd0ee81e5f80a7f0}

Packed 2 x 5kg* Packed 2 x 4.5kg* Packed 1 x 10kg*

42 MT of 35/40=$2100

3 MT of 46/50=$1900

10 MT of 51/55=$1800

4 MT of 56/60=$1700

2 MT of 60 plus=$1600

10 MT of 41/45=$2000

3 MT of 46/50=$1900

2 MT of 56/60=$1700

2 MT of 60 plus=$1600


2 MT of 41/45=$2000

1 MT of 51/55=$1800

2 MT of 56/60=$1700

1 MT of 60 plus=$1600


*Per MT CFR Asia Prices

China Seafood Expo | The Town Dock | Rhode Island CalamariAs we discussed at the Expo, there is a real possibility that the Capelin market will have limited supply in 2016 due to a policy change by Norway and Russia in the Barents Sea. We encourage all potential buyers of Capelin to inquire as early as possible to ensure their needs are met and delivered on time.

The International Division at Town Dock would like to thank all the people who made this year’s China Expo memorable - it was a true success and we look forward to connecting with those we met.

For more information on sales, please contact Lyndsay Owirka – or (401)789-2200 x174