The Town Dock Joins Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Squid Roundtable

Narragansett, Rhode Island –The Town Dock has joined the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s Global Squid Supply Chain Roundtable.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) is dedicated to delivering healthy marine and aquatic ecosystems and a secure seafood supply. The Global Squid Supply Chain Roundtable allows for squid buyers, suppliers, and other key industry stakeholders to work together in a pre-competitive fashion toward improving sustainable squid production worldwide.

As The Town Dock is a market leader in both domestic and imported foodservice calamari, joining the Roundtable made sense.

“In the past few years, we’ve led the charge on the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) sustainability certification for our two domestic squid species,” said Ryan Clark, The Town Dock’s President & CEO. “Sustainability matters to us and it matters to consumers, so joining the international conversation about squid sustainability was the natural next step.”    

“SFP is thrilled to have The Town Dock, one of the largest US suppliers of squid, join the Roundtable, and we look forward to their collaborative engagement on global squid sustainability efforts,” said Sam Grimley, SFP’s Global Squid Supply Chain Roundtable Lead.

The Roundtable’s earliest focus has been major international squid fisheries, including Chinese mitre squid, Japanese flying squid, Argentine shortfin squid, and Peruvian jumbo flying squid. Efforts will continue to expand.




About The Town Dock

The Town Dock is a market leader in foodservice calamari with a growing retail presence. For 40 years, we have focused on offering both the highest quality wild-caught calamari and the very best service. A vertically integrated seafood company, we are located on the water in Point Judith, Rhode Island, giving us direct access to the catch, including the only two MSC certified sustainable squid species. We partner with a dedicated fleet of fishing vessels, local fishermen, and global suppliers, and provide calamari expertise that guides our customers in making the best decisions for their unique businesses. Learn more at 


About Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

Founded in 2006, the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rebuilding depleted fish stocks and reducing the environmental and social impacts of fishing and fish farming by engaging fishery stakeholders and seafood businesses in every part of the supply chain. The organization works to improve fisheries through fishery improvement projects (FIPs) and aquaculture improvement projects (AIPs), which are multi-stakeholder bodies that seek to advance the sustainability of fishing and fish-farming operations. SFP also supports Supply Chain Roundtables (SRs) that allow seafood suppliers to work in a pre-competitive environment to promote improvement throughout the supply chain. Visit us at





The Town Dock

Kat Smith

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications