Celebrating the Versatility of Calamari

It's no secret to anyone with any foodservice experience that most restaurants - even in the best of times - exist on razor-thin margins. As states push forward into re-opening, restaurants are facing limited indoor capacity and investments to create outdoor dining areas where there previously were none. 

More than ever, cost-effective, readily available, and versatile foods are needed to help sustain the restaurant industry. As a bonus, foods that aren't what consumers typically cook at home can be especially appealing the customers at this time. That includes one of America's favorite appetizers: fried calamari rings. 

But what about take away? Fried food and to-go packaging aren't exactly a match made in heaven. No fear - we have a whole portfolio of non-fried recipes that can leverage the profitability of calamari and hold up better for transport. 

Need some inspiration to get started? Check out our short video now: