World Oceans Day

Every year, June 8 is set aside to celebrate World Oceans Day, focused on protecting and restoring this important ecosystem.

While many of us think about our favorite vacation spot when we think about the ocean, there's a lot more to protect than just sandy summer days. Americans eat, on average, more than 16 pounds of seafood per person, per year - a decent amount, but short of the 26+ pounds recommended by the USDA Dietary Guidelines1.  This amounts to eating seafood twice a week, an achievable goal! 

With seafood being such an important part of a healthy diet, wild-caught seafood is an important part of out food system. As we have all heard about with various types of fish in the past, certain fishing practices can present a risk to not only target populations, but by-catch populations as well. 

That's why we're proud to offer two species of squid that are certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). MSC is an independent agency that examines three key areas: the sustainability of the fish stock itself; the environmental impact of fishing for that species with the current techniques; and fishery management that complies with relevant laws and regulations. For seafood to carry their coveted bluefish ecolabel, companies must also display a carefully traced chain of custody, so that from the vessel to your plate, you can rest assured good management practices are in place and you're eating the seafood you were promised. 

Learn more about our Rhode Island Calamari®, from the first fishery in the world to be certified sustainable by the MSC. 

Learn more about our Premium Domestic Calamari, the second fishery in the world to be certified sustainable by the MSC. 

Learn more about the Marine Stewardship Council



[1] Average seafood consumption by Americans, 2018