The Rhode Island Seafood Marketing Collaborative

2017-05-18+20.50.06Nestled along the shores of New England, Rhode Island proudly bears the title of "The Ocean State." Its vibrant marine ecosystem teems with an abundance of fresh seafood, making it a culinary paradise for discerning palates - especially for seafood. A collaboration of local manufacturers, restaurateurs, and grocery and retail stores, including The Town Dock, the Rhode Island Seafood Marketing Collaborative (RISMC) is here to make sure that everyone knows just how delicious Rhode Island's seafood is - like The Town Dock's own Rhode Island Calamari® for foodservice and grocery stores

Established in 2011, the RISMC is committed to promoting and preserving the rich seafood heritage of Rhode Island. Its mission is threefold: to support local fishermen and small businesses, to enhance public awareness of locally fished species, and to encourage the consumption of Rhode Island seafood.

With the help of RISMC, Rhode Island seafood has garnered widespread acclaim for its exceptional quality and flavor. The state's commitment to sustainable fishing practices has earned it a reputation as a leader in the industry, ensuring the preservation of marine resources for future generations.

In its pursuit of promoting Rhode Island seafood, the RISMC has developed a variety of initiatives. From partnering with local chefs to hosting educational events, the collaborative is constantly seeking innovative ways to showcase the bounty of Rhode Island's waters.

One such initiative is the development of the user-friendly FishLine app that connects consumers with local retailers and restaurants offering fresh Rhode Island seafood:

FishLine lets you know where you can purchase fresh, locally-harvested seafood anywhere for FREE!  FishLine provides info on purchasing directly off-the-boat from fishermen and from local seafood markets, farmer’s markets, restaurants and cafés.  FishLine uses your smartphone’s GPS to find the nearest port, boat, market or restaurant with fresh seafood for sale, so if you are on vacation or are near several ports, FishLine will help you figure out the closest outlet with the fish you want.  And before you head to the coast, check the weather and tide tables of nearby ports.

Among the RISMC's collaborators is The Town Dock, a Rhode Island manufacturer renowned for its commitment to serving locally sourced seafood. In addition to providing local fresh fish and squid at wholesale (plus imported offerings), they offer a huge recipe library of delectable calamari dishes, each prepared with an artful blend of tradition and innovation. Whether enjoyed grilled, sautéed, or incorporated into a hearty stew, The Town Dock's recipes showcase the versatility and exceptional flavor of Rhode Island calamari.

The RISMC's unwavering dedication to promoting Rhode Island seafood has not only enriched the state's culinary landscape but also played a pivotal role in strengthening the local economy. The seafood industry generates a notable portion of Rhode Island's revenue, supporting local businesses and creating employment opportunities for the state's residents.

As the RISMC continues its mission to champion Rhode Island seafood, its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community engagement ensures that the state's coastal waters will continue to yield an abundance of ocean delights for generations to come, and that individuals will continue to enjoy Rhode Island's seafood in dishes served across the country and around the world. 

Visit the Rhode Island Seafood Marketing Collaborative website to discover more about their initiatives and the many ways to enjoy Rhode Island seafood: