Squidding on the Vineyard | A Regional Pastime

Squidding on the Vineyard | The Town DockMartha's Vineyard is known for many things, including its incredible summer sunsets. But, there's another tradition that stems back 40 years—"squidding".

A featured article in the Martha's Vineyard Times takes personal accounts from locals who've passed this tradition on to their families and used it to build memories with their loved ones.

The writer, Cathryn McCann, illustrates some great stories shared by some of the veterans who have fallen victim to "the squids’ well-known ink squirt." This article encompasses the family pastime that Town Dock embraces.

Original Article Link: www.mvtimes.com/2015/06/24/squidding-on-the-vineyard-is-fun-for-all-and-dinner-for-some/