Infographic: Three Quick Food Trends

Infographic: Three Quick Food Trends


Looking for something that hits all three trends?

Try Korean BBQ Calamari Lettuce Wraps with our wild-caught, MSC certified Rhode Island Calamari.

Three quick food trends:

  1. Consumers want wild caught seafood. While many appreciate the necessity of farmed seafood, there’s something special about wild-caught seafood. Seafood Source’s Hottest Culinary Seafood Trends of 2019 points out that “the flavors, textures, and availability are unique.”
  2. But it has to be sustainable. Nation’s Restaurant News points out that “a growing number of operators and chefs [are] paying attention to and taking action around sustainability.”
  3. And it’s even better with ethnic flavors! Restaurant Business points to “trending Asian flavors” and also notes that “Latin flavors are here to stay.”