Matchmaking Calamari Recipes with Wines

Last month we shared our beer-pairing advice for calamari lovers to enjoy on a summer night out. Now, as the fall season begins to settle in, there’s no better way to spend your evening than with a cooked calamari dish paired with the perfect glass of wine. Try our top 3 wine and calamari combinations that are guaranteed to enhance the flavor of some of our best squid recipes.

1. Squid Party Platter & Prosecco (White Wine)

Prosecco Wine & Calamari Pairing | The Town Dock

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If you’re expecting company this weekend, satisfy them with a crowd favorite—traditional fried calamari party platter and harissa mayo dip. This meal is easy and quick to prepare, making it the perfect finger-food dish for your party. Top off the occasion by pairing the platter with a sparkling Prosecco to cleanse the palate. We suggest Mionetto’s “Treviso” Italian Prosecco Brut. With hints of fruity apple, this dry wine takes the edge off the batter-fried rings and leaves you feeling light and refreshed.

2. Garlic Calamari Sautee & Chardonnay (White Wine)

Chardonnay Wine & Calamari Pairing | The Town Dock

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Our garlic sautéed calamari is a versatile meal you can find at seafood restaurants or cook at home. Important to this dish is a squeeze of lemon which will naturally take the bite off the garlic flavoring. Pair it with a palatable Chardonnay that adds a nice complement to the calamari’s savory seasoning. A good option is Kendall Jackson “Vintner’s Reserve” Chardonnay. This wine is bursting with tropical fruits and finished off with toasted oak, which lingers in your mouth as you enjoy your next bite. It’s the perfect complement to balance out the garlic calamari with citrus undertones.

3. Stuffed Squid & Chianti (Red Wine)

Chianti Wine & Calamari Pairings | The Town Dock

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Our stuffed squid in an herby tomato sauce will satisfy your craving for comforting Italian food. With a taste of lemon, garlic, and olive oil, this dish brings together all the flavors of a filling home-cooked meal. Match this easy-to-cook dish with a medium-bodied red Chianti. Da Vinci’s Tuscany Chianti is a great choice. The plum and cherry flavors mix well with the tomato topping, while the mineral finish balances out the calamari stuffing.