Introducing Chef Ready Rhode Island Calamari®

Narragansett, Rhode Island – The Town Dock is expanding its popular Chef Ready Calamari line with the inclusion of its certified sustainable Rhode Island Calamari®.

“Many chefs love the convenience our Chef Ready calamari, and we have heard the asks for a domestic product,” said Justin Hamilton, Vice President of Sales at The Town Dock. “Expanding our flagship Rhode Island Calamari to be available either frozen or ready-to-cook was the perfect fit.”

Our Rhode Island Calamari is Doryteusthis pealeii (also called Loligo pealeii or Longfin inshore squid) harvested off the coast of southern Rhode Island and unloaded right here, at our docks in Narragansett. A longtime favorite for its slightly sweet flavor and delicate texture, the fishery is also certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Chef Ready Calamari is the choice of busy chefs looking to save time without sacrificing quality. Previously frozen for maximum shelf life, it’s perfectly thawed and hand-packed in our Rhode Island facility and arrives ready to cook. The 10-pound packs are available with imported Bombay Coast Calamari and now domestic Rhode Island Calamari, and operators can select from tubes or rings, with or without tentacles.

At a time when restaurants face continued uncertainty with re-openings, partial openings, and temporary closures, the high margins, versatility, and popularity of calamari make it a welcome addition to the menu.

Customers who head back to restaurants after months away are looking for favorites they didn’t make at home – like fried calamari ring appetizers – or are craving innovative dining experiences, which calamari can offer. We help operators with a variety of recipes to entice customers to try dine-in or take out, such as sweet and spicy calamari risotto or roasted calamari tacos. These high margin menu items, combined with the savings of time and labor with Chef Ready, can help operators and chefs navigate these unusual times.  


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